Jester Craft Activities    

Make Your Own Pharley

Supplies: Paper; crayons, colored pencils, felt pens, water colors; fabric and fabric trimmings; ice cream sticks or tongue depressors; glue or glue gun; scissors.

Have students create their own Pharley.

When students have completed their Pharley, have them share Pharley with their peers. Pharley can be used creatively when the story is being read.

Make Your Own Rainbow

You'll need an approximately 18" pipe cleaner, several rainbow colors of crepe paper about 12" long apiece, a jingle bell and a straw. Knot all colors of crepe paper together at one end. Thread the pipe cleaner through the straw and attach the jingle bell to one end. Hold the pipe cleaner taut at the free end and wrap it around the knot of the crepe paper.

This can be a pre-storytime activity, or you can make these Jester-jingling rainbows ahead of time to give to the children to hold. Tell the children that when they come to the exciting moment in the story where The Jester & Pharley race across the countryside trailing rainbows behind them, they should wave their rainbows in the air, jingling them. This will add a delightful element to the storytime.


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