Literacy Endorsements

Educators throughout the country endorse The Jester & Pharley Phund
for providing exciting ways to motivate students to expand their reading skills.

Educators also praise The Phund for enabling students to help ill and
special-needs children.

Praise from Educators
"Our children now know that they can help others and feel good about it without receiving any sort of reward. The reward, of course, is iin improving their reading. This program helps to build character in our students, which so many times seem to be overlooked and taken for granted."
Christine C. Flannery, Principal, Victory Elementary, North Hollywood, CA
"The outreach component of your program has motivated many of our students to perform community service."
Joan Blair, Principal, Nestle Elementary School, Tarzana, CA
"This program reached far into the hearts of our kids and gave them an opportunity to demonstrate what a caring, compassionate person does for others."
Pam Sich, Librarian, Lincoln Elementary School, Long Beach, CA.
"This charitable program uniquely promotes both compassion and literacy in student of all ages."
Carol Scully, MacArthur Elementary Home Reading Coordinator, Long Beach, CA
"Our students don't often have the opportunity to help someone less fortunate than themselves. Reading for sick children whom they don't even know was an unfamiliar concept for them, but it gave them the opportunity to exhibit empathy and pride in a job well done."
Susan Balmanno, Principal,
Point Fermin Elementary, San Pedro, CA
"I am looking forward to sharing David's story every year with future students. I hope they will embrace your son's message with the same fervor as this year's students."
LeAnn Johnston, 2nd Grade Teacher, Chadbourn Elementary, Chadbourn, NC
"My students were inspired to meet The Reading Makes A DIfference challenge and one classroom alone amazed everyone by reading more than 50,000 pages! The students in this classtoom have all become motivated readers and are now reading at grade level - thanks to your program. The student who read 6,381 pages, more than any other, is a 5th grader by the name of Rodrigo and he made huge strides in reading as a result of this program. Before the program's start he was reading two-and-a-half grades below grade level and did not have a satisfactory comprehension of English. Rodrigo is now reading aboue grade level, and his English has improved significantly. I attribute this dramatic improvement to the motivation your program provided."
Julie Nyssen, Principal
Dooley Elementary School, Long Beach. CA
"Our students don't often have the opportunity to help someone less fortunate than themselves. Reading for sick children whom they don't even know was an unfamiliar concept for them, but it gave them the opportunity to exhibit empathy and pride in a job well done."
Susan Balmanno, Principal
Point Fermin Elementary, San Pedro, CA

"It is unusual for me to select a 'picture' book to read to my class, as fourth graders take great pride in reading 'chapter' books…They laughed and enjoyed the book so much. They marveled at themselves deriving such pleasure from a book void of chapters and filled with vivid illustrations".
Alex C. Seeple, 4th Grade Teacher, Frank C. Havens Elementary, Piedmont, CA

"The Jester & Pharley Phund Literacy & Outreach Program provides a wonderful way for students to give back to the community."
Delia Gasco, Assistant Principal, Fifteenth Street Elementary, San Pedro, CA
"My professor required that I find a book that could be used in a classroom in more than just a language arts format. When I found 'The Jester,' I was so inspired by its message and the story behind the story that I was able to incorporate it into lessons for everything from history to math."
Heidi Bleitchman, Arts Teacher, Kennedy Middle School, Cupertino, CA
" 'The Jester Has Lost His Jingle' has inspired the students. They have been cheerful, better friends to others, and have had a better attitude overall. David has taught all of us that each individual has the opportunity to make a difference in the world, beginning with ourselves first."
2nd Grade Teachers Alpert, Jacobs, Grant, Solana Vista School, Solana Beach, CA

"When a book comes along that caters to children but is not condescending to them, it should be noticed. 'The Jester Has Lost Jingle' is a wondrous book that I not only read to my children but occasionally will read it to myself."
Thomas Kirkpatrick
University of Iowa
Praise from Students

"Five years ago, Barbara Saltzman came to my elementary school. I was the top reader in my fourth grade class. I finally realized what I did 5 years ago and the importance it was for the children at Miller Children's Hospital. Thank you for educating not only me, but others of elementary school age that in life, there is a silver lining in every cloud. I hope you continue to go on and educate many other children because it truly make a difference."
Annie Pham, 9th grader, Long Beach, CA

"I think 'The Jester' should be in every language so that every kid & adult in the world can read it."
Priscilla R., 4th grader, Telfair Elementary, Pacoima, CA

"'The Jester' gives me feelings that are happy. If I am sad, I will read this book. It will cheer me up…I will always remember that the laughter is in us."
Bobbie, 2nd grader, Madison, OH

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