Special Needs Endorsements
Praise from Counselors, Therapists, and Other Caregivers
"The Jester & Pharley are an intergral part of our children's grief support program. The children gain a meaningful friend in The Jester; they gradually see hope in their lives and they learn to laugh again."
Sally Adelus, CEO
Hospice of the Valley
San Jose, CA
"I personally love the book and Jester Doll. It has comforted many children through grief and loss issues as well as sadness in their lives. It has lifted their spirits and given them hope when they have felt hopeless."
Judy Deutsch, Former Counselor, 93rd Street School, Los Angeles

"Too often a child experiencing a serious injustice to themselves or a member of their family is filled with a variety of emotions from fear of the individual who hurt them to the uncertainty of what will happen next. The Jester & Pharley provide these children with a sense of comfort and a smile."
Kirk J. Albanese, Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Police Department

"The Jester Has Lost His Jingle has become a potent therapeutic tool here at Richstone. The children who are counseled here are all victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, as well as severe neglect. The spirit of these children is often drained from them, leaving them without hope or joy. Their 'jingle' is lost. The sharing of David's book and the Jester doll has become one of the avenues for the counselors to assist children to discover the healing power of laughter."
Dorothy Courtney, Former Executive Director
Richstone Family Center, Hawthorne, CA

"A fifth grade boy's mother died of a drug overdose and he was taken from his father who abused him while intoxicated. He was placed in a foster home for the first time, and in addition, has had to adjust to a new school and make new friends. He has frequently burst into tears, since he still loves his father in spite of everything and his father has disappeared. "I gave him a copy of David's book and he took it home during Thanksgiving vacation and he read it over and over, 'I just couldn't stop reading it,' he said, 'especially the last page.' ("Laughter is hiding inside of you.")"
Lisa Rountree, Counselor
96th Street School, Los Angeles

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