The Jester & Pharley Phund offers a meaningful way for you to remember a family member or friend. By giving an ill child a Jester book or doll in your loved one’s name, you will be helping these children find happiness when they need it most.

Your contribution to The Phund will send a Jester book and/or doll inscribed with your loved one’s name to a hospital of your choice. We will notify the honoree’s family of your thoughtfulness and, for your records, send you an acknowledgement of your tax-deductible gift. Recognition of your kindness will appear on our website, if you wish. You may designate this as an ongoing annual gift.

Jester books and dolls have been donated to Driscoll Children's Hospital, in TX in memory of Jester & Pharley Phund Board of Governors member Stephen Berg

Families and friends also have remembered:

Manette Adams
Robert Adams
Jack W. Alban
Anne Allswang
Anna "Lollie" Barbanell
Nora Armani Bechtold
Samuel Bellman
Louis P. Belmont
Muriel T. Benson
Dr. Saul M. Bernstein
Millie Bormann
Lester Breslow
Wendy Brown
Irwin Brownstein
Henry A. Burleigh, Jr.
Ben Bushman
Emily Butterfield
Sam Butterfield
Terry Campa
Ted Case
Charles Champlin
Ed Chizmar
Janice Clark
Kathleen Clark
Jonathan Claxton
Eleanor Cohen
Bill Coleman
Mary Joe Cooke
Olivia Beth Cornell
Willard Countryman
Allene Cowan
Christopher Cronin
Maurice Cutter
Helen Daversa
Heidi Helen Davis
Rose & Ray Delgadillo
Luis E. Delgado
Amber Delos Santos
Maria Diaz-Enriquez
Lucille Doty
Elliott Epstein
Scott Epstein
Sid Epstein
Lee E. Erceg
Richard J. Farmer
Karl Fleming
Bob Flick
Dave Franco
Shirley Futter
Mike Gavin
Michael Giardino
Phil Glover
Dave Goforth
Jeannette Goldstein
Naomi Goldstein
Bob Gray
Monique Grossman
Rick Gunter
Violet & Jim Hagen
Jayden Hallmark
Barry Hamilton
Art Harmon
Susan Harris

Hobart (Hobby) March Henley
Robyn Beth Herdan &
John Douglas Herdan
Kay Hermann
Ella Hinds
Dr.Cecile Insdorf

Michael Jackson
Keet Johnson
Toby Jones
Ty Jurras
Mary Jo Juster
Lauren Kaye
Irene Kazy
Janice Kellogg
Yael Michiel Kingsley
Leon Kirchner
Sid & Selma Kirshner
Suzanne Koehring
Chris Kukowski
Olga Elizabeth Lanides
Patrick A. Lawlor
Gregory David Levy

Aunt Lill
Joe LoCicero
O. L. Luke, Jr. & Eloise Royal Luke
Robert Mankoff
Ann Matthias
Judy Maxwell
Mike McGee
John McKee
Stephen McNally
Lori "Little Lady" Meislin
Jeanne Marie Menton
Leon Merson
Harvey Meshnick
Al Meyerhoff
Herb & Adele Meyerson
Dee Wayne Miller
Nancy Montagne
Deanna Moon
Gene Morrow
Carol S. Mueller
Chris Nanji
Richard W. Ness
Elliana Rain Rutledge Nevills
Donald & Alice Noble
Grace T. Noble
Helen Noone
Jack & Rose Norris
Catherine O'Neill
Ernest Ono
Ruth Ono
Dr. Danielle Parks
Norman Patrick
John Payton, Esq.
David A. Perea
Fred C. Petry, Jr.
Mrs. Wilma Pordon
Mrs. Nettie Prager
Solomon Prager
Jackie Prindle
Sam Pryor
Chase Quickel
Sheila Rabinovitch
Eileen Ragan
James Rice
Irving Riegel
Jack & Pearl Rosenfeld
Thomas E. Rusau
Taku Saito
Sophia Marie Sales
David Saltzman
Roseann Schnorr Grady
Susan Schweitzer
Barbara Scolnick
Robbie Seidman
Harold Shulman
Phyllis Siegel
Tara Praeger Sims
Steven Lawrence Simpson
Robin Boyarsky Smith
Don, Celeste & Kelly Snyder
John Sonnichsen
Setsu Tajima
Hitoshi "Jerry" Takemoto
Bentley Tao
Ida, Harry & Ben Teitelbaum
Nick Temnick
Maureen Thomas
Tay Thomas
Tamara Thompson
Tom Tombrello
Maureen Leslie Tyson
Alicia Velasco
Jack Villasenor
Terry Walter
Carol Webster
Rusty Weeks
Charles Weinstein
Sara M. Welsh
Russ Wenitsky
Sally Whipple
Kim Willenson
Mignon & Ernest Wilson, Jr.
Kristin Winton
Zoey Youtsey

Jester books and doll have been donated to Huntington Hospital, in Pasadena, CA, in memory of Ruben F. Castaneda.

In memory of Norman Corwin--Jester books continue to be donated through our Smiles for Kids with cancer program.

In memory of Renae Crane--Jester books and dolls have been donated to Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Torrance, CA and to UCI Medical Center in Orange, CA

Jester books and dolls are donated monthly to hospitalized children in memory of Luis E. Delgado.
In memory of Neil Fachon, a Jester & Pharley Smile Cart is being donated to Camp Sunshine, in Casco, ME as well as Jester books and dolls being donated to hospitals in the New England area.

Jester books and dolls have been donated to Providence Child Center Foundation in Oregon in memory of Nev Gokcen.

In memory of Stephen Holland--Jester books to CHIME Charter School, Woodland Hills, CA.

In memory of Lloyd Jones--Jester books and dolls have been donated to The Jimmy Fund Clinic in Boston, MA.
In memory of John Klug--Jester books and dolls have been donated to hospitals across the country in support of our Smiles for Kids With Cancer program.
  Jester books and dolls continue to be donated to children with cancer in memory of Diane Kovacs.

In memory of Dr. Mark P. Malkovich, III--Jester books have been donated to The Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, Newport, RI.

In memory of Tim Miller--Jester books and dolls have been donated through our Smiles for Kids With Cancer program to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Jester books and dolls continue to be donated through our Smiles for Kids With Cancer program in memory of Lizz Munter.

Jester books and dolls continue to be donated through our Smiles for Kids With Cancer program in memory of David's grandmother, Ruth Saltzman.

Jester books and dolls have been given in memory of SWAT Officer Randal D. Simmons to the Los Angeles Police Department for children in distress.

In memory of Virginia Spencer.

In memory of Douglas Sperber, Jester books and dolls were donated to children with autism.

In memory of Ted Tajima, Jester books and dolls heve been donated to Friends Outside in Pasadena, CA.

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