A Profile of Hope: Barbara Saltzman, Hodgkin Lymphoma Caregiver


Lymphoma Research Foundation, 2016

Before my son David Saltzman returned to Yale for his senior year in September 1988, I noticed he had a dry cough. Since David had a history of bronchitis as a child, I didn’t think it was too serious, but urged him to see a doctor as soon as he could to have it checked out.

The next month, David called me from his doctor’s office at Yale — he had just been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. The unexpected diagnosis took our family completely by surprise. That night, my husband and I flew to meet David at Yale.

We had every confidence in his doctor, who was medical director of Yale Health Services, on the Yale Medical School faculty and an oncologist experienced in lymphoma treatment. The doctor started David on a chemotherapy immediately. David didn’t let chemo and later radiation get him down. He continued with his studies as an art and English major, did cartoons for two student newspapers, acted as a tour guide and worked endlessly on his senior project, an illustrated children’s book called The Jester Has Lost His Jingle.

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