Our medical program is designed to make laughter a part of the healing process in every hospital and clinic across the country. The Jester book and Jester & Pharley Doll, along with David Saltzman’s message of hope and laughter, give emotional support to all children coping with illness and injury, especially cancer. And now, children can enjoy that message in English and Spanish.

Our colorful Jester & Pharley Smile Carts bring smiles right to children’s bedsides. These mobile activity centers come with a TV, DVD and CD-radio-tape deck along with copies of The Jester Has Lost His Jingle, Jester & Pharley Dolls and Jester & Pharley Bookmarks for gifting to patients.

Thousands of doctors, nurses, child-life specialists and social workers praise The Jester & Pharley for providing invaluable emotional support to their young patients. We expect more medical breakthroughs in the years ahead, but there will always be a need to give children and their families hope and laughter as they cope with illness and injury both during and after treatment.

“At a time when the families are being bombarded with medical books, handouts, discharge summaries and prescriptions, to have a book that is so child friendly, non-medical, but has a great story with a great ‘hidden’ meaning, is priceless,” writes one child life specialist. “And our educational liaison takes the book and Jester doll when she does school visits, and uses it as a teaching tool to help the patients’ classmates understand what it is like to lose something, find something and gain something new.”

millers_rita reading with patient 2008