We would like to suggest a special way to honor a friend or remember a loved one…  give a child with cancer or another illness The Jester Has Lost His Jingle’s gift of laughter in their name.

You can share in spreading The Jester’s joy by donating a copy of this heartwarming children’s book or its accompanying doll to an ill child. We will inscribe the book and/or doll with your loved one’s name. Click here to make a tribute.

The non-profit Jester & Pharley Phund was founded to honor the memory of author-artist David Saltzman and help children cope with life-threatening illness. More than 200,000 copies of David’s inspiring book, The Jester Has Lost His Jingle, or Jester & Pharley Doll have been given to hospitalized children to help them find their smiles.

tribute gifts
Barbara & David Saltzman, Yale 1988

Barbara Saltzman joins son David at Yale in 1988

I wish no other mother has to see her child cope with cancer. I hope no other mother knows the pain of losing her child. But as one who has lived through both, I also know how much it means when others remember the child you will never forget.

In January 2004, I received a touching e-mail from a mom whose 16-year-old son, Kevin was given The Jester when he was diagnosed with leukemia in an Ohio hospital. “The Jester has put a smile on all of our faces in the toughest of times, and has shown us the broadest scope of love…even from those we have never met.”

Kevin’s book and doll were gifts from the aunt of Elizabeth Williams, who died as a newborn 20 years ago. Baby Elizabeth’s aunt finds great joy in remembering her niece by giving The Jester’s message of hope and laughter to other children struggling to find their smiles.

I continue to be touched by the many friends and relatives who make donations on David’s birthday or other occasions. It makes me feel wonderful to know that his memory lives on in the smiles of children in hospitals.

Our Tributes section is here for you to also remember your loved one and help another family find smiles when life has given them tears. We hope it helps you also connect with those you love.

–Barbara Saltzman
David’s (and The Jester’s) Mom