Mason & Kristen

Mason Family

“We had no clue what to expect.” At 3, Mason “didn’t understand why he couldn’t go outside to play with his friends and run around like a normal young boy. But when he received The Jester everything changed.”

When Mason went to check-ups, his mom remembers, “he loved The Jester & Pharley so much that he would even take The Jester with him to his doctor appointments to have his doctor check The Jester also to make sure he was alright!”

Now at 6, Mason and his family are thrilled that his port-a-cath was recently removed. The Jester & Pharley couldn’t be happier. “This book is still one of Mason’s favorites,” Kristen says. “But now, he reads it to us!”

“Thank you to everyone who made Mason’s time during treatment a little bit better with The Jester & Pharley!” Kristen says. Mason, his dad Mike and sister Brooklyn smile in agreement.

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Picture of The Jester & Pharley Phund

The Jester & Pharley Phund

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