Curriculum Supplement

Page by page teacher-created lesson ideas inspired by The Jester Has Lost His Jingle:

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science/Math
  • Emotions/Feelings
  • Art/Music/Drama


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The following Lesson Plans are a sampling from The Jester Has Lost His Jingle Curriculum Supplement:


  • Have students describe the difference between rhyme and prose in a selected segment. Have students discuss how prose and rhyme evoke feelings. In what ways can one be more effective than the other?
  • Have students create a prose word picture of exciting settings for The Jester & Pharley to search for laughter, using as many new adjectives and adverbs as possible.
  • Have students retell selected rhyming parts of the story using prose instead of rhyme.
  • Have students retell the story completely in prose.
  • Have students use the words Jester and Pharley to make as many words as possible by using only those letters.
  • Have students unscramble selected words from the story, such as “telsca” (castle); “lsble” (bells); “gnki” (king); “erhpayl” (Pharley); “gurtlhae” (laughter); “stlhpoia” (hospital); “oirnwba” (rainbow).

Laughter’s like a seedling, waiting patiently to sprout. All it takes is just a push to make it pop right out.


  • Have students define and illustrate similes.
  • Have students find other examples of similes in other literature.
  • Have students find other words that can be illustrated with similes.
  • Have students create and illustrate their own similes in complete sentences.
  • Have students write a paragraph and/or short story using similes.

Their journey was long, and their journey was rough.
But the Jester was strong, and the Jester was tough.


  • Have students make a map documenting the journey that The Jester & Pharley take in their search for laughter in The Jester Has Lost His Jingle.
    • Make a scale of miles (math/measuring)
    • Include a key and symbols
  • Have students use an atlas to find other locations that parallel settings found within The Jester Has Lost His Jingle, such as, lakes, rivers, other bodies of water; deserts; mountains; cities.
  • Have students list the climates and other environmental conditions most commonly found in each area.
  • Have students describe each kind of area and what the environment would be like. What type of flora and fauna would be found?

As the Jester ran back to the kingdom, he carried rainbows in his hand…

Rainbows (Part I)

  • Have students research and discuss what rainbows are and how we are able to see them. Have students describe the elements and conditions needed to produce a rainbow.
  • Using various elements (glass prism, water, etc.), provide students with a way that will allow them to see and study the color spectrum in a rainbow.
  • Have students describe and illustrate the color spectrum in its natural order and color range.
  • Have students discuss why rainbows captivate the imagination.
  • Have students describe and illustrate fables and stories related to rainbows (leprechauns, pots of gold, etc.)