The Jester Has Lost His Jingle/El Bufón ha perdido su gracia

Scholars of Spanish literature say this translation – in bouncy rhyme that complements the original – is one of the best they have ever read. The original English book is contained within this edition, making it easy for children and families to enjoy both versions.

ISBN 978-0-9644563-5-8




Complete with David Saltzman’s original story and vibrant pictures, this edition — translated in wonderful rhyme by Natalia Aurrecoechea — will have you dancing and singing The Jester’s funny song in no time. The Jester/El Bufón is 68 pages, full color and comes in hard cover with a dust jacket.

In this charming tale, The Jester awakes one morning to find laughter missing in his kingdom. So he and his helpmate, Pharley, “a piece of talking wood,” set off on a quest to find it. They ultimately discover that not only can laughter redeem a weary world, it also can provide the best tonic for anyone facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

"Having a successful dual-language immersion program requires books in both English and Spanish that delight students and that they can’t put down. The translation of The Jester Has Lost His Jingle does complete justice to David Saltzman’s whimsical and optimistic story of believing in yourself. The rhyme in Spanish is as enchanting as David’s original verse and children love to immerse themselves in its optimism and positive view of life in both languages. Its social-emotional learning impact translates well from English to Spanish and back again."

Kimberly Sparago, Former Principal, Bandini Street Elementary, San Pedro

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"David Saltzman’s The Jester Has Lost His Jingle/El Bufón ha perdido su gracia is the perfect book for children learning both English and Spanish. It should be in every school, library and hospital. The lesson that laughter is inside all of us waiting to come out inspires children of all ages."

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

"The Jester/El Bufón portrays a message that everyone carries deep inside – laughter and kindness. I feel children will identify with The Jester because everyone feels happy but sometimes we feel sad. The Jester serves as a role model because he keeps looking for his jingle and never gives up his quest. Having it available in both English and Spanish in one edition is invaluable."

Dr. Barbara C. Benton, Northern Arizona University, Adjunct Faculty