Fun vocabulary and phonetic-based learning activities that are age-appropriate and engaging for all Jester & Pharley fans:

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1 “The two were quite a ____ “
6 “My! How ____ you ____?! (one word used twice)
8 “__ Pharley, I fear, it’s much worse than I thought.”
9 “‘Okay,”‘ said the Jester,’ ____ give it a go…
11 What the Jester & Pharley do to find laughter
12 “So when you’re feeling lonely ____sad ____bad ____blue.” (Same word, used three times)
15 “‘We’ll start off very slowly with a tiny ____.”
16 “and he danced his funny ____.”
17 Last name of the author of “The Jester Has Lost His Jingle”
20 “For he was the Jester and gesture would he to make people laugh and fill them with ____!”
22 “‘I’ll try it …I’ll give it a ____.”‘
26 “‘Here I lie, I have a tumor …And you ask me where’s my sense of ____?”
28 “And, all of a sudden, out popped a ____.”
29 “remember where laughter’s hiding …it’s hiding inside of ____!”
30 “‘I’ll try it …I’ll give it a ____.”‘
31 “‘____ me, Sire? Don’t send me away!’
32 “____ one was in any mood to joke.”
33 First name of the author of “The Jester Has Lost His Jingle”
34 “‘It’s ____ inside everyone!”

1 “‘All it takes is just a push to make it ___ right out”
2 “remember where laughter’s hiding …it’s hiding ____ of YOU!” 3 “Nobody ____.”
4 “And nobody ____.”
5 “‘The Jester has lost his ____!’ the King yelled in dismay.”
7 “And as people started ____, colors spread across the land.”
10 “The Jester Has ____ His Jingle.”
13 The main character of the story
14 “Then without a thought and on a whim, the ____ decided to banish him.”
18 “You see, this morning when the world ____ no one was in any mood to joke.”
19 “‘ I am no longer funny. ____ career is quite through.”
21 “Nobody ____.”
23 “I don’t feel like laughing. I just feel like ____.”
24 “So when you’re feeling lonely or sad or bad or ____”
25 “So he sang his funny ____”
27 “A friend by name of Pharley, a piece of talking ____.”
28 “The giggle became a snicker, which grew into a guffaw, which soon became a chuckle that transformed into a ____!”
31 “or sad or ____”



groucho coloring page

Make Your Own Pharley

pharley craft

Supplies: Paper; crayons, colored pencils, felt pens, water colors; fabric and fabric trimmings; ice cream sticks or tongue depressors; glue or glue gun; scissors.

Have students create their own Pharley.

When students have completed their Pharley, have them share Pharley with their peers. Pharley can be used creatively when the story is being read.

Make Your Own Rainbow


You’ll need an approximately 18″ pipe cleaner, several rainbow colors of crepe paper about 12″ long apiece, a jingle bell and a straw. Knot all colors of crepe paper together at one end. Thread the pipe cleaner through the straw and attach the jingle bell to one end. Hold the pipe cleaner taut at the free end and wrap it around the knot of the crepe paper.

This can be a pre-storytime activity, or you can make these Jester-jingling rainbows ahead of time to give to the children to hold. Tell the children that when they come to the exciting moment in the story where The Jester & Pharley race across the countryside trailing rainbows behind them, they should wave their rainbows in the air, jingling them. This will add a delightful element to the storytime.